The Ruins of the Forgotten Crypt (SL-E-003)

Encounter Overview Setting: The encounter takes place in a ruined ancient crypt, a possible location of an ancient artifact, lost knowledge, or a weapon. Party Size & Level: Suitable for…

The Howling Shadows of Nighthollow (SL-E-002)

Encounter Overview Setting: The encounter takes place in Nighthollow, a small, remote village nestled in a forest clearing. The village is encircled by thick woods, and dense fog blankets the…

The Treacherous Trails of Tanglewood (SL-E-001)

Discover the art of designing the perfect mini-boss for your Dungeons & Dragons campaign with our detailed guide on creating a Goblin Trapmaster. Learn how to challenge your players with strategic trap setups and get inspired with a vivid illustration of this cunning adversary in a forest setting. Perfect for game masters looking to enhance their tabletop experience.

Social Combat Bonus Actions

When playing D&D, I would have PCs who would shout at opponents and I was never clear on what effect they were expecting. D&D is a combat simulator first and…

The Essence of Good D&D Combat Encounters

Since they make up the main part of the game, making encounters not only challenging but memorable is the challenge for the Dungeon Master (DM).